Stacking Tips for Shredding Efficiency

Place brush across the row (same direction as you would to push it with a brush rake).

Put the larger prunings that have some branching to them down first. This is the base branch that will hold the smaller prunings up off the orchard floor.

Place all whips, shoots, or other prunings that have no branching to them on top of the base branch. Try to keep brush rows as straight as possible.

Keep your brush row to a maximum width of 8-9 feet. Overwidth rows slow the shedder more than any other factor. Medium to heavily pruned orchards should be stacked every row. Lightly pruned orchards can be stacked every other row.

Keep brush free of twine, metal, rocks etc... (twine will wrap around roller bearings and have to be cut out).

These stacking tips will save you money by allowing the shredder to operate most efficiently. It will decrease the job time and allow the machine to pick up all prunings. The end result is a clean orchard floor with finely shredded prunings.

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