Rhys & Jeanine Panero
11935 S. Van Allen Rd.| Escalon, CA 95320 | (209) 838-7570 | Cell: (209) 604-7594
Email: panerofarms@yahoo.com


              THANK YOU          


"Special Thanks to Steve, Sandy, and Linda Wadley of Greenview, CA for their $5000 purchase of our EarthQuake boar."


"Thank you to Paul Neher of Neher Acres in
Grundy Center, Iowa for his $1900 purchase of our World Pork Expo entry"
( Barn Burner x Full Court )


"Big Time"
Primetime x It
"Thanks to Ron Clark of Clark Genetics from Odem, Texas
 for his purchase of Big Time,
our Southwest Type Conference entry".
To order Semen on Big Time call 1-361-765-9126
This boar is a must use. Power! Power! Power!


"Last Laugh"
Big O x Tae Bo
"Thanks to Prairie State Semen
of Champaign, IL,
for their purchase of this
exciting young showpig sire."
To order semen call: 800-282-0428


"Guilt Trip"
 Law & Order x It.
Supreme Champion '01
Western All Breeds.  
Raised by Panero Farms.  
Currently Housed at Burzlaff & Eddie Boar Stud.
Thanks Brad & Dan!


"Supreme Court"
 Full Court x ORU Rush
"One of the great ones to
come along since I've been
traveling for NSR” Sam Howell.
Raised by Panero Farms.  
Currently housed at HP Farms.
Thanks Howard Parrish!


The Wiz Kid
Wizard x Cover Boy
Watch for this new showpig sire.
Thanks to West Texas Boar Stud for their purchase of The Wiz Kid.

 To order semen call 325-773-3554


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